KOREA ITCEN, MOU with Malaysia Token Stock Exchange “GreenX”

Vice President Aitsen Choi Jung-geun (center) is taking a commemorative photo with TAM Pak Yin Philip GreenX CEO (left) and Green Pro Capital CEO Lee Chong Kuang (right) at the headquarters of the GreenX Exchange in Malaysia.

Business agreement for order book sharing, and a survey of rare earth mining sites. Securing various physical commodity trading stocks… The speed of promoting the token securities issuance business is ‘reliability’.

ITcen announced on the 6th that it has signed a business agreement with GreenX, Malaysia’s Real World Assets (RWA)-based digital asset exchange, to share order books.

The company explained that with this MOU, it will be able to secure a variety of trading stocks such as rare earths in existing physical commodity trading stocks such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium

GreenX, a leading exchange for Sharia Compliance and signed an MOU with ITSEN on January 23 to expand ESG, its blockchain technology cooperation and token securities issuance (STO) business. For advanced cooperation such as order book sharing, we invited Haitian personnel and conducted a field survey of rare earth mining

Rare earths are extracted from radioactive substances such as thorium and uranium, and carcinogenic chemicals such as ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and sulfate are used in large quantities. To reduce this, the Malaysian state- owned company Petronas has developed and applied for a patent for a technology that utilizes abundant plant and fruit resources when mining rare earths and transferred the technology exclusively to the mineral exploration and mining company Green Snow.

Green Snow plans to expand its factories and smelters using the technology. The rare earths mined are STO, Fundraising, and listing through compliance and valuation of the GreenX Exchange. After this Green Snow rare earth mining site survey, Itisen signed an agreement with GreenX to share order books and support new virtual asset trading. We also decided to discuss additional investment in rare earth mining

Order book sharing refers to the ability to share trading books between virtual asset exchanges to match the market price and establish a transaction

Through order book sharing, domestic physical assets can be listed on the GreenX exchange, and conversely, GreenX exchange assets can be listed in Korea. It will allow customers in each country to buy and sell token securities (STs) listed on the exchange of the other country

The token securities market is still in its early days, so there are not many trading instruments, so it is expected to increase distribution and ease of trading through mutual order book sharing. “An official from Itisen said, “”If the trading support stocks increase significantly through the sharing of order books, the token securities market will become active. In addition to Malaysia GreenX, it will become a central company of blockchain-based global digital finance through cooperation with various overseas exchanges.

Reporter Park Young-joo
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